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Hi! My name is Kathy Keating, and I created this blog to help regular people use technology in ways that work for them. I hope you enjoy it and maybe discover an idea or two that can work for you.

I love technology. I love gadgets and gizmos, computers and cameras, the internet – you name it, and I’ve probably tried it and possibly incorporated it into my tech-laden life. I find it fascinating to read about and experiment with new innovations that promise to make our lives better and easier. (I know I’m exposing myself as a geek when I say this, but I even like reading manuals!)

Of course, most other people don’t enjoy this to the extent I do—which is a good thing, otherwise the world would be a pretty boring place! But because of this, many of the people I meet aren’t sure how to find and use technology that’s right for them. I have friends and family members who have bought computers, cell phones and other gadgets based purely on advertising or others’ recommendations only to find out later that it wasn’t right for them. And I also have friends and family members who have bought things and never fully learned how to use them…

This saddens me and drives me crazy at the same time! So in an effort to combat these problems and help people, I started this blog. I hope that you’ll find posts here and links to other articles that will help you improve your “tech life.” If you like what you see here, please tell your friends. If you can’t find information on something you really want to know more about, please leave me a comment or write to me at kathy [at] techkathy [dot] com, and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks so much for visiting my site, and best of luck with your technology!!

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