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Putting Your Photos to Work for You


I posted a short article on my personal blog yesterday about how one of my photos had been discovered on Flickr and chosen for inclusion in an online travel guide on Amsterdam. It was a nice surprise for me, and, since the online guide will include a link to my photos on Flickr, it will likely increase the number of people who see my photos.

The experience led me to think more about what I do with my photos and what I could be doing with them. I typically shoot photos, upload them to Flickr and other photo sites, make albums of them for my husband and I, and share them with family and friends. But then I just let them sit. Periodically, people will find some of my Flickr photos through searches they’ve done, but otherwise the photos remain on my computer and hard disks, taking up space.

Of course, I love having these photos, and I certainly wasn’t thinking of deleting them. But I started to wonder if there was anything else I could do with them. I now have more than 4,000 photos in my digital photo library, and many of them are travel photos that feature cities and other destinations—and a few of them even resemble photos I’ve seen in guide books and on websites.

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Tips for Taking Better Photos


One of my favorite tech writers, David Pogue, wrote an article for The New York Times this week, offering five tips to take better photographs. The really great thing about the article is that it’s intended for average people using average point-and-shoot digital cameras. I thought tip number 3, instructing photographers to force their flash when shooting outdoors, was a great one that I often forget.

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