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Quick Tip: Free Calendars


As you might imagine, it’s rather time-consuming to write the in-depth articles I post to this site about technology news, products and services. I discover things almost everyday, but I haven’t shared many of them, because I just don’t have the time to research them thoroughly, look at alternatives and write about my findings. So in the interest of reducing my work a bit, while still sharing more information with you, I’m introducing a new post format that I’m calling Quick Tips.

Quick Tips will be short posts on simple things you can do and/or use to make life a little easier. These will include websites that offer great services, simple tricks or shortcuts you can use on your computer, cool online freebies and other worthwhile tech discoveries. I hope you’ll find them helpful!

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To Tweet or Not to Tweet…


I thought that was one of the big tech questions of late, but I was surprised to find out from some friends that their question was actually, “What’s tweeting?” or more precisely, “What’s Twitter?”

With all the buzz Twitter receives in the tech world, I assumed that everyone had heard of it and that I was a relatively late adopter. (I created a personal account in December 2008, and I created a TechKathy account in January 2009.) And while it has taken me a few weeks to understand what all the fuss is about, I have to confess that I’ve grown to like the service.

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Social Networks – Friend or Foe?


I’ve gone back and forth on social networks for years. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, Flixster,, Classmates—the list goes on and on. I couldn’t decide if there was really any value in them for me, and what about my privacy? Most of the social networks’ privacy policies are difficult to read, and many appeared to actually give the companies ownership of my information. Why should I agree to that?

In 2005, I decided to give one a try. After all, millions of people must be using these sites for some reason. I joined LinkedIn, mainly because my husband had joined and found it useful for keeping up business contacts and networking. I made a profile, but because of my fears about privacy and my general wariness, I gave LinkedIn the absolute minimum amount of information I could. Not surprisingly, I wasn’t contacted by (or linked to) anyone, and I saw very little value in it. My husband, however, filled out a detailed profile and linked to a number of respected friends and colleagues, and he began receiving messages from recruiters with job possibilities.

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